I am sorry to inform you that PD Currell Clock Repairs & Restoration will cease trading at the end of October 2017.

I will leave my information pages up but this website will no longer be maintained.

Thank you to all who supported me.



5 comments on “Home

  1. Andew Cole says:

    I just bought a New Haven “Harmoniste” mantel clock (circa 1920s I think) at an antique store in Montana, USA. The movement is very clean and it keeps time well but it is not chiming. It chimed in the store, so I fear that something went wrong during transit to my house. I am pretty handy but wanted to get smart before I attempted to diagnose and/or repair it myself. Your site has opened my eyes to the complexity of these things and while I am not sure I will attempt this myself I am grateful that I did not blunder in uninformed making matters worse. Thank you for your very helpful site.

  2. GKniest says:

    Dear sir,it was only until now that I found out about Patrick Knock’s death. I was one of his Dutch clients. I remember him as a remarkable man ,honest and kind.We feel sorry .We wish you all the best in setting forward his business..
    Kind regards G Kniest. (Gerard Kniest)

  3. PD Currell Clock Repairs and Restoration says:

    Hi Steve, a service on your clock which is due if its 15 years old is £295. I understand its a lot of money but on a Westminster chime it is quite labour intensive.

  4. Jean daniels says:

    I have three clocks, one I know is 25 years old and the other two I’m not sure but older. They all need some care and attention to put them back into working order. Please contact me, Jean

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